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Hello! I go by my pen name Xennariel or Xen for…

Depression, Dogs, and World of Warcraft. My life has been a whirlwind and I barely remember any of it

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My late first dog Cooper during the 2017 solar eclipse.

No, the name in the title is not my real name, as you probably guessed. I go by my pen name online, Xennariel or Xen for short. It’s actually the name of the main character of a fantasy book I’ve been trying to write for over fifteen years. I know, I know, my creativity in choosing a pen name knows no bounds! I also know that’s a hell of a long time to be writing a book. I’m a perfectionist and that’s the excuse I’m sticking with.

I’ve always been an avid reader, particularly when it comes to the fantasy genre. Video games have also been a passion in my life as well as my love for animals. …


The rare disease often overlooked and misdiagnosed by veterinarians

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My EPI boy Zephyr posing for the camera during our latest trip to the dog park

I’m here to raise awareness about a disease I had no idea existed until several months ago. I’m no expert, but I want to share everything I’ve learned as an owner of a dog diagnosed with EPI. Personal experience is often the best teacher.

Zephyr’s EPI story

When my Border Heeler pup Zephyr was about nine months old, we noticed he seemed to be losing weight and was always hungry. I didn’t think too much about him being hungry all the time. That’s not unusual for dogs. What was starting to worry me was his weight loss and unusual looking stools.

Zephyr’s poop started to be nothing but diarrhea that looked like cow patties dotting the side of our backyard where he liked to do his business. Having just lost my beloved first dog to lymphoma and kidney failure several months prior, I knew this was not at all normal. I was used to watching for any oddities in my dog’s poop since you can learn quite a bit about their health by the way it looks. …

No, “credit to the artist” is not the proper way to credit an artist

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Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

Art is not just a talent. It’s the culmination of passion and years of practice and study. Digital art is no less impressive than traditional methods. Trust me. I’ve tried both.

I spent over ten years trying to hone the craft of drawing and while I did improve, it was not enough of an improvement to ever make a career out of it as I’d once dreamed.

All forms of art require some amount of skill, time, and hard work. Artists are craftsmen, providing a service that rightfully should be paid for. Just because an artist shares their work with others online does not mean they no longer own that work. …

In certain cases, cancel culture can be just as toxic as the event or person that ended up being the focus of the cancellation

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Photo by Danilo Alvesd on Unsplash

Fandoms have been a large part of my life since I was about thirteen. At that age I discovered the anime (Japanese cartoon) Sailor Moon and I loved it so much that my mom went online for me and signed me up for Yahoo Clubs where I could meet other fans of the series. I’d actually never used the internet before then, so basically my mother introduced me to the internet and inadvertently created an obsessed monster.

I adored logging in to my clubs and talking to people about Sailor Moon, even attempting to participate in roleplays on occasion, though I didn’t know what I was doing at all at the time. Perhaps the joy I found in all of that was because it was a new thing for me, but the reason really didn’t matter. …

The second two and final accounts of my personal experiences with the paranormal

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Photo by Dino Reichmuth on Unsplash

My love of crytpids and the paranormal began at a young age. I already wrote about two of my earliest experiences in a previous article. I’ve returned to tell the tale of my final two paranormal experiences, which occurred when I was older, making them even more vivid in my memory.

I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois where the first of my experiences happened. When I was twelve, my parents and I moved to Livermore California due to my father getting a new job. …

My choice to be child free and the annoying societal backlash that comes with that decision

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Photo by Ricardo Moura on Unsplash

Contrary to popular belief, no you do not have to have kids to complete your life.

I never gave much thought to having kids when I was growing up. I hated those stupid dolls that you could take care of as if it was your own baby. Who thought that was a good idea? Toymakers were already trying to shove that “have babies” mindset into little kid’s faces, huh?

Boys get cool remote control cars and action figures. Girls get dolls that subconsciously tell them what they should do with their adult life, teaching them at a young age how to care for the eventual child society tells them they should have. …

The majority of articles on this site are boring to read

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Photo by Magnet.me on Unsplash

No one cares about your opinion on that overdone topic.

I’ve been trying to find people to interact with here and find fun things to read, but it seems impossible when I’m uninterested in the subject matter of the majority of articles.

I’ve already read enough about how to succeed on this site or how to be a better writer. I don’t care about bitcoin, businessmen, or the 5 ways you think I should spend my free time. And you can shove your politics you know where.

Where’s the cool stuff? Give me more paranormal sightings, cryptozoology, unsolved mysteries, and cool discoveries. I want to hear about those neat art pieces you found, that video game you love to play, the books you read over and over, or the series for which you want to scream praises to whoever will listen. …

What you need to know if you want to write for the DarkMoon Revolution publication

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Art by Vinay-TheOne on Deviant Art.

DarkMoon Revolution is a new publication for weird, niche, or unconventional articles. If you don’t know where to publish an article, this is the place for you. We accept articles that don’t fit other publications.

Topics of particular interest include the paranormal, cryptozoology, anime/manga, gaming, art, tabletops, and lesser known pop culture, but the majority of subject matter is welcome.

How to become a writer for DMR

If you would like to write for us, just leave a comment on this article saying you want to be a writer and make sure to leave your Medium username (there is an @ in front of it).

We are not accepting new editors at this time, but I will update this post if we decide to add editors in the future. …

Is fanfiction worthwhile for writers or is it a waste of time?

Drawing on a brick wall of an anime girl sipping coffee
Drawing on a brick wall of an anime girl sipping coffee
Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Fanfiction seems to have a negative aura surrounding it. For whatever reason, people assume fanfiction is all poorly written cliches and romance that is primarily read and written by naive teenage girls. While that may be true in some cases, that is certainly not all there is to it.

After all, Neil Gaiman endorses it, reminding fans that even he writes fanfiction and won a Hugo award for it.

And if you look, there’s actually some fanfiction out there that is arguably written far better than the series it’s based on. Of course you’re inevitably going to run into the muddy swamp of fanfiction, especially if you’re reading for a series that has a large fandom, but if you wade through the muck, you’ll find some true gems hidden among the slimy rocks. …


Xennariel Revenlyr

Gamer, wannabe artist, dog mom, and fantasy genre enthusiast. My dogs Zephyr and Maverick are my world. Consider supporting my work: https://ko-fi.com/xennariel

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